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Date: 2018-02-23 14:26

You have heard about the epic love story set against the sweeping vistas of Wyoming and Texas, Brokeback Mountain tells the story of two young men a ranch-hand and a rodeo cowboy who meet in the summer of 6968, and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection, one whose complications, joys and tragedies provide a testament to the endurance and power of love.
Now a friend did just ask me 8775 don 8767 t you think that after this movie some new craze of new jeans fashion will come up? 8776 I had to laugh, because I usually don 8767 t follow fashion trends but am usually ahead of them.
And then I actually had to really laugh, because I asked him how a typical 8775 gay jeans 8776 would look. It was hilarious. Me being bisexual and usually really thinking I have 8775 seen it all 8776 , I wondered what kind of style of jeans would qualify. No certainly not some pinkish-yelling ones.
Actually funny enough, I bought just last week (before I wrote this article) at one of the more and more popular ZARA clothing stores, a cool new vintage looking pair of denim zara jeans. And that store it sometimes an absolute gay madhouse, meaning, so many gay men and guys are hunting there for the latest fashion styles, that don 8767 t cost an arm and leg (and, yes while buying their new jeans picking up some date in a store is convenient, too! )
Then, it hit me. Of course there is a gay jeans! Actually there is most often a VERY easy way to tell if someone is actually straight or not. At least it was like that the last 75 years: the tightness of a jeans usually tells a lot about a guy wearing it.
Straight men tend to buy rather baggy and never really tight jeans as in 8775 tight-so-you-can-see-my-bubble-butt 8776 -tight.
So usually the way a guy walks in combination of the tightness of their jeans gives you a pretty good hint. But then, these days with all this talk about 8775 metrosexuals 8776 , good looking and style aware straight guys that might be mistaken as gay. Hmmmm.
Well, I really do not know for sure, but that was the only thing that came to mind when I was joking around with how 8775 gay jeans 8776 would look like
And at the end of the conversation I actually told my friend, that no matter what, as an internet marketer who actually runs a jeans website, I found the whole idea that a new gay movie about the romances with two cowboys might indeed influence will people 8767 s taste and might develop some new fashion styles.
After all, 8775 gay 8776 also still means 8775 happy 8776 , and a good fitting jeans makes you usually indeed quite happy. At least me, when I look at some good fitting guy (or girl, for the record! ) in them.

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Another good session with Pal. Took him to the Lidcombe Oval for some dogging action. Caught the train this time because my honda civic is getting fixed. It was about 6pm we arrived and there wasn 8767 t much action taking place. Good time to go because the plod are all at the local kebab shops getting dinner but Pal was gonna eat a different kind of kebab this evening. We skulked around behind the stands trying to look suspicious when our first assignation sidled up to us. I indicated that he should have his way with Pal who look dejected as usual. This was an obese hairy lebbo in a tracksuit. We walked over to somewhere with more privacy and I forced Pal onto his knees while the lebbo got out his enormous hair cock. This thing was pungent smelling like french cheese and I inwardly gagged as I grabbed Pal by his hair and smeared his face all over the head. Had to pinch his nostrils to force his mouth open and get Ahmed 8767 s cock in there ball deep. Ahmed got a good rhythm going and there was saliva all down the front of Pal 8767 s shirt. Pretty soon Ahmed was close to blowing and he emptied his ball 8767 s down Pal 8767 s throat. After Ahmed had recovered he asked in a thick accent if he could bring the rest of his ISIS brothers down to run a train on kaffir bitch so I said all good. He quickly texted some dudes and 5 minutes later a car pulled out with 5 other hairy fat lebs playing some wog music. Pal tried to run but I had a belt around his neck. He started crying again but I said it was too late to pull out. We all went under the stands, found a good spot and forced Pal on all fours. One lebbo pulled his pants down and without formality shoved his cock into Pal 8767 s unlubed ass while another had is way with Pal 8767 s face. The first blew quickly while there other took his place. We had to be quick before some innocent passerby came upon us. Pal struggled a bit so one of the tied his hands to a bar. The rest was a blur with hairy lebbo cock spit roasting Pal again and again. At the end Pal 8767 s asshole with a mess of blood and lebbo come. The piece de resistance was when they all gathered in a semicircle and urinated over Pal 8767 s face laughing. However an elderly man walking his doberman happened upon us and look on in amusement. Apparently he was an old queer who frequented this area in his youth. The doberman was driven mad by arousal at the smell of the Lebbos come and Pal open asshole so we let him mount Pal who was yelling at us to stop the dog from fucking him but we all just laughed. After about 5 minutes of frantic pumping the dog managed to come in Pal 8767 s asshole and then it pissed all over Pal as well to mark it territory. The Lebbos and the old man fucked off and I gave Pal and pinapple for his troubles (less the train fare). There was a firehose so hosed Pal down while he lay crying in the corner. Good times.

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